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Thursday, October 20, 2005

Barefoot in NYC

Ahh my first post. So nice and sparkling clean. Yeah not for long knowing me ;-)

So lets get right to the point, this blog is strictly for things that have happened in my life that I find highly amusing, crazy, or otherwise interesting. Now that I spit that out, on with the post!

For those of you who live in the northeast you know how the weather has been well....CRAPPY. Its been miserable--cold, rainy, literally the worst weather known to man. besides 10 feet of snow, but we won't go there. This past week also has corresponded with my final week of putting together the final presentation of my project, so that means I get to spend hundreds of dollars on materials etc. On wednesday of last week I was making one of those many trips into NYC to blow money on boards, paper and other supplies, all while it is POURING out. Of course do I have an umbrella? Not a chance that either me or my roommate are prepared. So I go into the city early before class to go pick out boards and purchase them. I really should have just stayed home when I got soaking wet running from my apartment to my car. I should have REALIZED what kind of day it was going to be like. But I never listen to my intuition, my gut feelings, EVER, so I catch the train (barely made it, sign number two that i should have stayed home) and head down to the city. Once I arrive I catch the subway over to times square and then i transfer to the 1 train. Sign number 3 coming up: the train was alreadythere and I was going to miss it. So i run down the stairs run across the platform and step inside the train and whoooooooooooosh i slip. One foot in the car, one foot out.

It gets better. My legs are not meant to go to splitsville, but thats what they did. And while my one foot inside the car is just ice skating across the car floor, my other foot goes right between the platform and the car. Really great place to be. At that point the guy behind me picks me up and while doing so my foot gets caught in that little gap. So of course I'm focusing on getting my foot out of the gap before the door closes on my ankle and all pain breaks loose. So I get my foot out and whoops. There goes my shoe. Did i mention i was wearing FLIPFLOPS? What kind of idiot does that?!?! oh wait, that would be me!

Yes you read right. My shoe. Is gone. Fell right onto the tracks. So there I am, standing on one leg, barefoot in the disgusting subway. I hop out (literally) at the next stop and hop upstairs, and then hop around 34th street looking for a shoe store. I seriously felt homeless and probably looked it, at this point. And of course there are lakes and streams of water everywhere and I have to step in all of them because hopping doesn't really work that well. I dashed inside old navy and grabbed the first pair of boots I saw. Meanwhile the two sales people have heard my story and are sitting on the ground laughing hysterically. I would be too if i weren't hoppity the frog and missing a shoe. (once i was dry i had a great laugh, until I realized those $3 flipflops cost me 30 bucks.)

Soo the moral of the story is: Don't ever go into the city in the pouring rain again. Oh yeah and don't wear flipflops in the rain either.

Quote of the day: "Gosh you are getting SOAKING wet! You poor thing" Said to me by the lady with the umbrella next to me as i stand with only one shoe on, with no umbrella, in the pouring rain. And she didnt even offer me a dry spot under it. God I love new yorkers!!


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